Having worked with @ Architect UK Ltd on my East Hall Farm site, they were able to overcome any obstacles they were faced with and dealt with issues in a professional and efficient manner.  The company are hard working and do everything in their power to ease the pressure to ensure all relevant needs are met. I can confidently recommend @ Architect UK Ltd to anyone who is looking for an Architect, Project Manager or Interior Designer as I have total faith in their work eithic and quality.

Erol Hassan, Director of Clothing manufacturing and retail shops

I write this letter of recommendation with great pleasure.  I would recommend @ Architect UK Ltd, as my personal experience with them is that they have a very professional approach with excellent knowledge in their field.  They are extremely helpful at every stage of the project and are always willing to cater to my needs.

Simon Allen, Peninsular Property Consultants

@ Architect UK Ltd have worked on several of Starbucks Franchises and I would definitely recommend their architect, interior design and project management services.  The fact that this company has these three components under one roof makes the process so much easier having the main point of contact present throughout the project.  
On a personal experience @ Architect commit to the clients wants and needs, working extremely hard to make sure that the finished product is exactly as desired.

Nadeem Chowdhury, Slurp Coffee Co Ltd

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